AdBlue by BASF

Company profile

INTERSPEC SA is a chemical trading company that has been operating since January 2001 in Athens.

The main activity of our company is the distribution in Greece of chemicals for vehicles such as antifreeze, brake fluids and AdBlue. We cooperate exclusively with major chemical production and trading companies such as SOLVENTIS, BASF, ENI and others.

INTERSPEC SA covers most of the needs of the Greek market in antifreeze and brake fluids. At the same time it sells virgin and regenerated base oils GP I, GP II and GP III synthetic base oils. It distributes lamp oil, lubricants and fuel additives, glycols such as MEG, DEG, MPG, and other chemicals/solvents used in all industry sectors.

INTERSPEC SA co-operates with all major petroleum companies (international or domestic) and with all other smaller lubricants and automotive products, producers. The good relationship with all customers, the credibility of its executives and the superior quality of its products are the company’s main assets. However the most important asset is that the company does not compete with its customers by supplying directly to the final consumers.

We maintain a permanent stock, in Athens and Thessaloniki, of most products in various packages, such as in bulk in 1.000 liter (IBC) tanks, in drums and in plastic cans of 10 liters. The execution of our customer orders from the domestic stock is within 1-3 working days. In addition to the day-to-day market supply with small quantities from the domestic stock, the company directly supplies the largest customers with full containers, flexitanks & isotanks with a variety of chemicals.

We are constantly seeking new partnerships with chemical and petroleum product traders or producers, and in particular with lubricants, base oils, lubricants and fuel additives, blends of hydrocarbons (C10-C18) for lamp oil packaging, and other industrial products to fully cover the Greek market needs.