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Base Mineral Oils

Our company has the following Key Oils in the Greek market, used for the production of lubricants for the automotive market and the industry:

  • GROUP I: BS150.
  • GROUP II: BS 150 (clear – colorless).
  • GROUP III: VHVI 4 and VHVI 6.

We always try to ensure that the available quantities have the highest quality and best value.

There is always the possibility of offering the above basic mineral oils in full loads of about 20-22 metric tons, in flexi tanks, delivered to the customer’s installation in about 30-40 days from order.

They are produced in the European Union or in other countries such as Russia, Arab Emirates etc. by reputable producers.

Periodically, we also distribute other base oils qualities such as SN150, SN350, SN500, virgin or re-refined.