AdBlue by BASF

Additives for the production of lubricants

Additive Producer: Eni S.p.A (Enichem – Agip).

1- Existing stocks for immediate order execution, such as:

  • MX 5546 for two-stroke engines. Available in 190kg drums.
  • MX 5003 for Hydraulic Mineral Oil. Available in 200kg drums.
  • MX 4333 Pour Point Depressant (PPD). Available in 170kg barrels and in 18kg plastic containers.

MX 4006 viscosity index improver (olefin copolymer VII). This product is a fine grain solid for easy dissolution in the oil (SN 150). It is the most economical solution for multipurpose mineral oils, given its good quality. Available on pallets of:

A. 40 bags of 20 kg (800 kg) and

B. 20 bags of 20 kg (400 kg).

2- There are also many other mineral oil additives, which are available within 10-12 business days upon request.

Please contact our company for more information.